Santa Rosa Plum tree, dropped most of blossoms/fruit

scuzzynuttyMay 2, 2013

I have a Santa Rosa plum tree in my front yard that blossomed like crazy last month, Easily over 200 nice white blossoms. Of those, I'd say 50 or more started developing into some fruit, and of those 50 or so, many of them are turning yellow color and dropping off. I think there are only about 10 left that might actually develop into a full fruit.

Is that normal? What is a normal crop on this kind of tree? 10 seems like too few. I don't know...

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One more photo here...this picture you can see the yellow colored one near the top right half...i just touch those and they fall to the ground...

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Although Santa Rosa is supposed to be self pollinating, you'll get much better fruit set, if you have another variety that blooms at the same time.

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Scuzzy- Did you get a late frost? Santa Rosa, and Mariposa were more susceptible to late frosts than sweet cherries for me, so I removed them.

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Thanks for the replies.

No frost, I live in Southern California. There might have been frost ONE morning, but that's it. It blossoms really well, like i said probably more than 200 blossoms. Just don't know why all the fruit is falling off, there's probably 10 left of the 50. Most of them turned yellow and fell off...

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Any one else have any further feedback on why most of the fruit have fallen off and turned yellow? Thanks for any help...

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Not a whole lot to go on. Most likely a pollination issue, but could also be lack of -or too much water and/or fertilizer. How old is the tree? Did you see much bee activity when in bloom? Can you attach a full picture of the tree?

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I have one too, (I live in SoCal) I am having the same problem.

The reason is that they didn't get pollinated. They need a pollinator: Satsuma, Mariposa, or a Prunus vesuvious cherry-plum, these trees pollinate my Santa Rosa.

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fireduck(10a) trees in SoCal flowered...set much fruit....dropped much fruit. I have grown these plums and others for many years. I can assure you this is a weather related problem, not pollination. We had a cold late Winter/Spring.

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There's too much data on Why Do Plum Trees Drop Plums & Never Develop? to dismiss pollination as a possibility. A "weather related problem" in and of itself is tied directly to poor pollination - as it impacts pollinators greatly.

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I have one which dropped most of its flowers and I blaming the frost. The remaining 15 fruits are big and healthy . My job starts now to protect the 15 fruits from the OFM. In mid-Atlantic states it is a big problem.

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