Raspberry questions

wpark2419May 22, 2012

A few years ago I dug up some raspberry shoots from a friends house and planted them in my garden. Every year they grow to about a foot and get 5 or 6 leaves then wilt and die. I got tired of waiting for them, so I bought 2 heritage red raspberry plants and planted them about 6 weeks ago. They have brown, dead looking canes and are about 8 inches tall with just a few leaves on each, but they don't seem to be getting any bigger. They don't seem to be dying either, just not growing. Am I doing something wrong? I've never grown raspberry plants before and I can't find anything online about why they're just sitting there. I am in zone 6.

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They take time to grow and up to month to get going, but that said, as long as you have leaves on the stems they are not dead. Did you fertilize them? My new raspberries and black berries went in about three weeks ago and most are covered in leaves, but not all. Just takes a bit of time. Its only spring!

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Okay thanks. I have given them a little fertilizer once. It was an all purpose fertilizer that you mix with water. I guess I'll keep watching and be patient. Thanks again.

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Ive been upgraded to a zone 6a in my local area. on my second year of raspberry growth. First year was a tad slow I noticed. Took 4 weeks or so for them to get going. This year they are taking off like rockets. Have several new canes that are over 18" tall so far this year. Once the roots get established they will do well. Another thing about raspberries, is they have a shallow root system. Don't bury those roots too deeply.

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