blueberry bushes

outoftheblueMay 8, 2013

hi there,
question about blueberry bushes. i just planted two of them, and in the research i did it says to just pull the flowers off the first year. The problem is, i don't know how old the plants are. One of them is about a foot tall, seems full of leaves and stuff and has budding white flowers, the other is about4-5 inches tall, full of leaves, some small tiny flowers. Can a blueberry plant grow that much in less than a year from a seedling? the reason i want to know the difference is that i'm told you can get blueberris in the second year (which wouuld be nice if i got them this year) and i would stop picking off the flowers.

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fruitnut Z7 4500ft SW TX

The references are about the first year after planting not the age of the plant. During that first year the plant needs most of it's energy to build new roots. So it's best to remove most if not all the fruit. You can leave a few to taste but very few. Even a foot tall is very small to be fruiting.

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I would take all the flowers off the first year, irregardless of how old the plant is. It takes time to become established and get a good root system going. If you leave them, they may grow, or may end up aborting, but will slow down the vegetative growth of the plant. You will be ahead in the long run if you just buy berries in the store this year...

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