Gooseberry flowers falling off

ajfearMay 2, 2014


I have two three-year-old gooseberry bushes planted next to each other. Not entirely sure of the varieties, but one has red fruit (it's fine) and one has green fruit. I know it has green fruit because it produced two last year. Just two! It had lots of flowers on it, just as it has had this year, but once again, rather than the base of the flowers swelling to produce fruit, they instead are going yellowy brown and falling off. The bush next to it is much less vigorous, but is happily turning all its flowers into fruits.

Anyone have any idea why this might be happening? Do I need to dig the faulty one up and start again? I have treated them both the same.

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If there are not a lot of pollinator visits during bloom time, it may be that your two gooseberry varieties differ greatly in their ability to self-pollinate and you may want to replace the unfruitful variety.

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