Pinch blossoms on young semi-dwarf apple?

sam_ny(5)May 13, 2013


I have a semi-dwarf apple that was defoliated last year due to cedar apple rust. At the time, I was worried about it even coming back (

It did come back, though barely put on any new growth. It's leafed out now and has a number of blossoms. It's still much smaller than it should be, however. I put it in in 2011, which was a crazy wet year, which stunted growth I think, and then last year with the CAR... wondering if it would make sense to pinch off the blossoms and let it put more energy into growing up and out.

Any opinions?

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dmtaylor(5a (WI))

Good idea if you ask me. I pruned some of the fruit buds clear off on my Honeycrisp tree to help prevent overcropping and biennialism. Also I just plucked dozens and dozens of flowers from my new everbearing strawberry patch to maximize growth of the leaves. Anything you can do to prevent fruiting (actually, seed production) will help your plants to produce more vegetation.

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