Meader persimmon died back 2 winters in a row, why?

Nick_B79(4/5 Southeast MN)May 19, 2012

I planted a bareroot Meader persimmon 3 years ago from Burnt Ridge Nursery. That summer, it grew very well, going from 1.5 ft to 3 ft in one season. The next spring, it had died back to 6" above-ground. It resprouted and sent up another 2 ft of new growth before winter. This spring, it's dead to ground level, and resprouting from BELOW the graft (grrrr).

Our MN winters haven't been cold enough to kill it off; it hasn't gone below -20F here either winter (thank you global warming) and Meader persimmons are supposed to be hardy to -25F to -30F. I know there are other GW members in MN that are growing them successfully.

My only thought is that it is downhill from our chicken coop, so it might be getting excess nitrogen running off from the chicken run and not hardening off sufficiently before winter sets in. Does this make sense? If so, I might try another persimmon next year in a different location that isn't so fertile. Thanks!

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skyjs(z8 OR, USA)

I don't have Meader, but if you look back a couple of days, you'll see I also posted about branch loss. On some of my very young ones, there was no branch loss, on others, there is quite a bit. I don't know.
John S

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Tony(Zone 5. Omaha, Nebraska)


If you decided to plant different varieties I would pick John Gordon top picks for the cold hardy and short seasons in Buffalo NY, poss the same or close to the weather where you are: NC-10, Yates, Prok, Geneva Long and Geneva Red.


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Possible. Another thing I've found, if they are moisture stressed at all as young plants during the summer, winter loss seems almost guaranteed.

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