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Fred_1933(7b)May 23, 2013

I'm disappointed in my Triple Crown blackberry plants that I planted last year (2012). I have three TP's in my patch along with Natchez, Apache, Navajo, and Prime Jan. One of the TP plants has about 6' Floricane and has three new Primocranes growths coming up. These new Primocanes are already two feet tall. The other two (2) plants did not fair well last years during the 110 temp. we had in late Jul, Aug, and early Sept. I kelp them watered well during this long heat spell. The two TP are smaller than the other one with the new canes. NOTE: I don't see any new Primocanes coming up on the two smaller plants. I'm hoping the two smaller plants will get the idea this is spring and it's time to shoot some new canes up.
Has anyone else had this problem, or I'm I just too impatient?

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Be patient. My Triple Crown has far outgrown the other varieties (Chester, Apache, Arapaho, Navaho, Ouchita, Black Satin, Doyle), but it is always the last one to start putting on vegetative growth (excluding the Doyle). It sounds like your one Triple crown is doing ok but the others may be somewhat stunted from the heat/drought last year. They may be a little slower getting established. I'd probably mulch them kind of heavy, fertilize them some, and keep watering.

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