Fruit tree varieties that bear fruit the youngest?

thisisme(az9b)May 22, 2013

In my small backyard orchard Apricots, Figs, mulberries and native plums have borne reasonable crops of fruit in their first or second year after planting.

Are there any other fruit trees that bear fruit their first or second year? Keep in mind they need to be able to take extreme heat and sun in high salt high alkaline soil with water that is also high in salt and alkaline also. If at all possible I prefer low maintenance trees that can take living in this kind of low desert 100+ degree temperature extreme environment.


I don't need any more citrus trees.

I love peaches but have given up on them in our heat as I am unable to make them happy.

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fruitnut Z7 4500ft SW TX

Some of the jujube I planted last year bloomed and bore fruit immediately. Sugar Cane was my favorite of those.

Pomegranates do love hot dry conditions. I'm not sure they'd bear the first year but probably the second.

They grow early maturing grapes in the Coachella valley of CA. That's at least as hot as Phoenix. If you get a lot of growth the first year a reasonable harvest begins the second year.

Here is a link that might be useful: Coachella valley table grapes

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Avocado101(9A Southern California)

Pomegranates and Persimmon gave fruit by the 2nd year I've planted them.

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My proprietary two year old second-generation moorpark apricot seedling produced 10 apricots this year..

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