When to remove green ties from stake?

thebordellaMay 25, 2013


Apologies if this is a remedial question -- I'm new to this. I just planted a small avocado tree from a big box store. It came in a 5 gallon container with a support stake. It has those green ties to support the tree.

When should I remove them? Do they hinder the little tree's growth? I just transplanted the tree out of the container it came in, but I'm not sure how to know how long it needs the support stake.


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Tony(Zone 5. Omaha, Nebraska)


I would just leave the green ties and support until the tree rooted well. The green ties are stretchy and you can remove them in the fall. If your place is too windy then you may need a bigger support next year.


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I don't like those stakes that run straight up the trunk. They don't allow the tree trunk to gain strength. They are like a crutch. Sometimes you need a crutch (high winds, etc) but if it can do without I would. Regardless I would pull the stake out and if it has trouble standing on its own set the stake away from the trunk and use something to tie the stake to the trunk where there is a little give so the tree thickens/strengthens its trunk up.

While we are at it avocados don't like wet feet or our CA clay (I'm assuming zone 10 you are SoCal). You may want to mound it up or make a raised bed for it.

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