Moorpark Apricot Transplant Dying?

MomOfRockyThePug(6b)May 16, 2013

I planted a Moorpark Apricot last weekend at my home in CT. I got the 2 year old tree from a local private grower and it was doing well at his home.

Within 2 days after transplant, many of the young leaves began to turn a dark brown and dry up. (So dark that they almost look black.)

I have been watering regularly. There are young apple trees planted near by that are thriving. I did not add anything to the soil before planting. Was this my mistake? Any ideas on what I did wrong? Can I save this tree?

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Transplanting outside of dormancy is not a great idea. That's why bareroot plants are dug up, stored/shipped, and planted all during dormancy.

So I don't think it has anything to do with what you did or did not put into the hole, but rather with the fact that you planted an uprooted tree that was actively growing and it has begun to fail.

There's a chance it could come back if just the foliage is damaged, but I would stick to potted trees (you can get a 5-gallon for under $30 in many places) if you're planting during the growing season, or go bareroot earlier in the season.

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