Transplanting Strawberries

tim6772May 4, 2013

Hi. I'm new here and this is my first experience with strawberry plants.
I purchased a few Shuksan strawberry plants in 4" pots from a local nursery about three weeks ago intending to plant them 3-4 each in 14" containers with the 5-1-1 soil mix. Well, I'm just getting around to doing this but the plants seem to be happy in the small pots they came in and now have quite a few flowers on them. Is it still safe to plant them in the larger containers or should I wait now until fall?

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Transplant them now. Strawberries are pretty tough.

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I have dragged my starwberries throiugh every kind of soil and size container and hardly ever got more than a handful of berries. Last year, I loved them to two tubs. The tubs are low oval black rubber type tubs made for watering farm ducks or something like that. They did so well, in fact that I loved them all into those containers. I bought them at Tractor Supply. We used a very heavy rich medium (organic hummus + screened top soil). I really thought the roots would smother but no. This year they have gone nuts. I will try to get a pic. So if your 5-1-1 mix doesn't work out, try this one. The tubs are literally covered in flowers and the leaves on the plants are much larger, too.

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