What to do....

michelle_3kds(z9 FL)October 14, 2007

...with those large cement pillows I seem to be acquiring? Anybody else have this problem and come up with a solution? I bought 4- 90 pound bags of cement, never got around to doing anything with them. (Good intentions, too blasted hot!) They have turned into rock solid monsters living in my wheel barrow. I need to find SOMETHING to do with them!

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Okay, I'm 'cheap' I'm admitting it right now!
My husband had 3 bags of concrete. 1:2:3 mix. I pounded the crap out of them with a mallet and added new portland, and made bricks out of them. If you have just portland cement......Why not just paint them up like pillows and put them in your flower beds. "every bed needs a pillow'

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Michelle go to the GW 'Junk forum' and put this below in search for some ideas. Good luck!

solid cement still in bags :o(

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ElaineW(z5 MA)

I had one of those cement pillows a couple of years ago. I used it as an instant stone wall to prevent the side of my garden from sliding down hill. 3 would make a great little wall if you turn them on their side.

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michelle_3kds(z9 FL)

Thanks for the ideas! The Junk forum had some good ones. I like the wall idea, and they could even be legs for a bench of some sort and I could paint them...hmmm. ...They might be temporary headstones for a while, it is Halloween afterall!

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