growing table grapes to trellis - vigor question

johndoug(z6 Philly)May 11, 2013


i built a trellis with posts 8 or 10 feet apart. i built a "T" type, where there are two wires about 30 inches apart. i planted one grape plant in between posts. i've pruned my vines to just have 2 vertical trunks. my uneducated plan is to prune one trunk to go both left and right on 1 wire, and prune the 2nd trunk to go both left and right on the other wire. would this be too much spreading out to give enough energy for the grapes? or maybe make things too crowded? instead of splitting both trunks in both left and right directions, should i just have one trunk to right, and the other go left? if so, which wire should i do? one trunk to one wire, and one to the other? the vines are getting to the size where i'll need to start directing them along the wires. hopefully you follow what i'm asking. many thanks for your help

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fruitnut Z7 4500ft SW TX

It doesn't really matter, one trunk or two, right or left. All that really matters is pruning properly and spreading the leaves out to intercept as much light as possible.

I like your T trellis idea. What I'd do differently is have a third wire down the center. I'd put both canes on that wire one running each direction or both running each way. It's alright to have two canes on one wire. Then the outside wires would be to support the new canes growing out each way. This helps some to avoid wind damage to new shoots.

But your plan is just as good.

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