Spray coverage for insects

matt_ohio(5b/6a)May 3, 2012

This sounds like a simple question, but have never seen this addressed. When spraying Once and Done or other insecticides, do you spray the whole tree? or just around the fruit. I would hate to spray the whole medium size peach tree if there is only a dozen fruit on it.

How long does it take to kill them?.

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jean001a(Portland OR 7b)

You do what the label says to do. The label is the law.

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I spray the entire tree. Mrs. G

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Label says "Spray to wet all infested plant surfaces"

Reading the label carefully it does not specifically say you can use it on fruit, it just says "fruit tree". That was probably intentional on their part.

And would you consider the whole tree infested for 4 plum curculio? seems like a waste.

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glenn_russell(6b RI)

Hi Matt-
It's true, I haven't seen this question asked or answered before. And I admit, I guess I don't know the answer. But, then again, I'd say it rarely applies to me. I would only very rarely just spray an insecticide. Normally, it's a fungicide, insecticide, and perhaps some deer spray for good measure. If I were to spray just an insecticide, I suppose I'd focus/concentrate the spraying on the fruit areas... and then the rest of the tree would get a light spraying of overspray, etc. Hopefully the experts here will correct me if I'm way off base. Also, I think as your tree matures, you'll get fruit throughout your tree and this will be come a moot point. Hope this helps,

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franktank232(z5 WI)

I focus on the fruit...but the more parts of the tree, the more likely the insect is going to get poisoned.

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alan haigh

IMO, you only need to spray the entire tree if you are protecting the foliage. Nothing on any label ever insists you spray a plant in its entirety- at least with the intent of making it a legal requirement. Why would it? If the label is worded in a way that suggests you must spray the whole plant it is not the intention and it is unenforceable. I can see no way in which spraying fruit only represents an environmental risk beyond what would be created by spraying one plant and not the one next to it, which might create a better chance of pests developing resistance.

If the pest you are targeting eats only the fruit, even this would be a non-issue.

In the case of Triazide, I think it would be a major plus to spray fruit only- you probably would avoid killing the beneficials this way. That is a key danger in the use of pyrethroids they say.

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Scott F Smith(6B/7A MD)

Glenn, I sometimes make two rounds of spraying just because the focus is different. Last weekend I first hit my peach/plum with Surround and disease control on the limbs where fruit was, and then I did another spray of spinosad for the shoot tips only. Shoot tip sprays for OFM this time of year is an important tactic. Matt, if you are spraying peaches for OFM then the tips are critical now, not just the fruit. For the current OFM generation I find nearly all my infestations of OFM are in the tip, not in the fruit, so I don't really even need to bother with the fruit protection.

I don't think there is a clear answer of whether multiple passes helps, but I like the focus of "get the tips!" and then "get the fruits!" rounds and if I try to do both at once I will often get too focused on one and forget the other. For tips I hold the sprayer really high and let it rain down, and for fruits I am holding the sprayer low and spraying up a lot (the fruits are more uncovered from the bottom side).


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glenn_russell(6b RI)

Hi Scott-
Yeah, I often wind up making a second round of spraying as well... mostly because I have a bit extra in the sprayer, and figure it's better on the tree than letting it go to waste.

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The reason I spray the entire tree, is that I am really upset with borers. I was way too late spraying for them four years ago when I planted my first trees. Due to not enough knowledge about sprays and spraying, lost two major trees because of borer presence. I also keep my trees no taller than 10 feet tall, so I can reach the tops with my sprayers. Better safe than sorry when it comes to fruit trees! Mrs. G

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Before I started this thread, I ended up spraying nectarines, cherry, peaches, asian plums, american plums, and apples on Wed. just the fruit areas and some surrounding foliage(estimating about 50% of the tree got sprayed with Once and Done plus Nufilm-17), Then Thursday night checked to see if there was any additional damage from PC. One plum had 5 hits and a few nectarines got hit. Other than that not much else. I did kill 3 by hand, 2 on the nectarines and 1 on apples.

Thanks all for your input.

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