May be CAR immune

MichaelMay 3, 2012

Howdy folks: a few years ago I discovered a very large, old apple tree in town that seemed to shrug off CAR. Mind you, my dinky town is a hotbed for CAR galls and large sporulation events every Spring. So, I grafted some buds to 2 different rootstock and the trees are now in their 3 rd leaf and doing well. This Spring was typical for galls and I decided not to spray finally, the result, every leaf is clean as a whistle, I'm amazed. BTW, I call the variety, "Judy's Favorite" because nobody has a clue what it is. If you want a picture of the fruit from the old tee, I think I have one somewhere. The one on G11 is flowering for the first time this Spring, the one on M111 did not.

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Randy31513(Georgia 8b)

There are heritage apple people that search for old trees. You might have one they want.

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I reckon so.

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