'Hass' avocado

MrClintMay 23, 2014

My 'Hass' avocado has been in the ground for about three years now, and to say that I've had some ups and downs with it would be an understatement. The biggest challenges have been getting the watering right and limiting the amount of direct sun. Don't think for a minute that I'm out of the woods yet.

I have yet to find an avocado care sheet that can be used as a concise and clear guide for me locally. Everything I've found seems too general and still requires a fair amount of trial and error. To make matters worse, there just aren't any neighborhood trees that I am overly impressed with. Seems like 'cados have some issues here.

Suffice to say that I'm working harder to get 'cados right than anything else in my garden. For better or worse, here is my tree in all its glory (or lack thereof):

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Have you seen this?

Here is a link that might be useful: cali avacado production

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canadianplant, I have not seen that one. Thanks for sharing. Some of the references look worthy of review. For the most part I'm looking for a text geared toward the backyard grower. The commercial texts tend to be less specific regarding watering, fertilizing, and shading for a single tree. The gypsum recommendation is worth researching further (my initial thought is that adding it to soil already high in calcium is unnecessary).

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This is a link to a grower here in the Bay Area. While it doesn't address your exact concerns, I find his info very informative for the backyard grower.

Here is a link that might be useful: Epicenter Avocados

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The gypsum recommendation is pretty common. I might try some out around the drip line.

Here is a link that might be useful: ucavo.ucr.edu

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Mr Clint...I would be happy to help you. Can you let me know what city your are in...and is that tree in a container?

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fireduck, I'm in the middle of the San Fernando Valley, right about where the 405 and 101 freeways come together to form a parking lot twice a day for about 4 hours at a time. :)

The tree is in-ground about a foot or two above grade with a wood box surrounding the trunk out to the drip line to retain a nice thick mulch layer.

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OK, thanks. Firstly, avos love water. There must be moisture in the rootzone at all times (especially with your hot summers). Your target zone is small...because dwarf trees by nature do not have aggressive rootstocks. The majority of your roots will be shallow. Avos are NOT deep-rooted trees. Gypsum (I have used it) is in vogue right now. It is over-rated...but it does aide in two areas. 1. Gypsum helps break up clay soils (you may have that in the Valley). 2. Gypsum creates an environment that retards the growth/spread of root rot disease. Avocados are very rewarding to grow (I have 20 trees and 16 varieties)...but they are not easy to grow. You can do it, though. If you have the room...I would recommend a Fuerte for you. It is good tasting, frost tolerant (better than most), and is an aggressive and easy tree to grow (for an avocado). I hope this helps.

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fireduck, thanks for the response. I've been shooting for even moisture to this point, which has me in a holding pattern for the most part. I had two 'cado growth flushes this year, in keeping with my citrus that is thriving, but the new 'cado growth fried a bit in the morning sun. Truth be told, I'm more inclined to try Azomite over gypsum, but I'm not too proud to give in. :)

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I protect my young trees (1st year in-ground) with 50% shadecloth. The babies certainly can not handle the east winds/intense sun. I have had good luck with liquid fertilizer applications. MiracleGro is fine. The results are pretty quick.

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