Citrus blossoming frequency

foofghtMay 24, 2013

Do citrus trees blossom more than once per year? The warm weather brought a lot of blossoms out on our satsuma, valencia, and blood orange trees. However, within a few days, we had some heavy wind and rain and voila! All blossoms are now gone.

Just wondering if I should expect no fruit for the upcoming year or if the trees will re-blossom?

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bamboo_rabbit(9A Inverness FL)

Most don't re-blossom sorry.

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My orange trees will bloom a few times. I still have oranges on the tree from last year and small ones for this years crop as well as blooms. My key lime got dry and lost all it's leaves and it came back and rebloomed and put on new leaves. Citrus seems to be pretty easy to grow and if something happens it will usually try to rebloom.

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The freezing weather destroyed all the leaves on my four citrus trees they stood bare naked. Then comes the sun and the 70 degrees and every body is blooming. Because citrus trees do not goin dormancy they can generate growth and bloom any time of the year as long as the environment is suitable. lots of water, lots of sun, lots of over 75 degree days.

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The Mexican Lime and Gold Nugget Mandarin in my yard have been flowering off and one for the last two months.

I would say it's possible.

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I've had tangerine and calamondin plants bloom indoors in winter and outdoors in summer.

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Encouraging comments guys. Thanks for your help!

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