In a pickle with my new bare root fruit trees.

EliTyMay 6, 2013

Hi everyone. My husband and I are new to planting trees and we're putting in a small orchard starting with 11 bare root fruit trees (5 apple, 3 pear, 2 plum, 1 cherry). We live in Nova Scotia.
Problem: My husband and I are in a bit of a pickle. A few weeks ago, we planned a weekend vacation. We pre-paid for everything and it is non-refundable. Two days ago, we found out that our 11 bare root trees will be delivered Friday night! We will be gone from Friday morning to Sunday evening.

The things that we have in place so far are:
1) We have somebody who will be here house/dog sitting for us over the weekend and will be here for delivery.
2) We have a neighbour who has lots of experience planting trees (he grew up in a family that ran a Nursery). We will be paying him to do the planting Sunday morning.

My questions are:
1) If the trees are arriving Friday evening, can they soak in water from then until Sunday morning, or is that too long?
2) If that is too long, is there something simple we could ask our house sitter to do with them to help keep them moist between Friday evening and Sunday morning?

Suggestions would be much appreciated! We haven't had a vacation in 10 years and not only can we not afford to lose the money by not going, but we could really use the sanity/get away this weekend (if we can get this last detail figured out)! :-) Thanks everyone!

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fruitnut Z7 4500ft SW TX

For that short period just keep them in a cool place out of the sun. If you really must wet the roots usually you can poke some holes in the wrapping, dunk them in water, then drain off the excess. But if they arrive in good shape, another day or two in a cool place won't matter.

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Any reputable nursery will ship them wrapped in plastic with damp newspaper or something similar around the roots. Put them someplace cool, like a garage/basement and they will be fine for several days...

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Thank You Fruitnut and TheDerek! That puts my mind at ease! Phew!!!

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alan haigh

My trees often sit under a shady spot in their box for 2 weeks.

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Yep. Just have your house sitter set the boxes in a shaded spot. Have a great weekend and don't worry about the trees.


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milehighgirl(CO USDA 5B/Sunset 2B)

Just make sure they are not left on your porch.

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Beeone(4 N. Wyo.)

I got some trees the middle of last week, couldn't plant until the weekend. All I did was open the packaging up to make sure the roots were still moist, then closed up the box and laid it on the north side of a lilac bush where it wouldn't get any sun on it. Figured they wouldn't be hurt in the same temps. they would have been in if I had planted right away. Daytime highs were mostly in the 50's, maybe a low 60. Nights around freezing.

Planted them on Saturday and they all looked good.

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Wow! Thanks for your help everyone! I feel so much better! I'll just have our house sitter check them and then put them in our cool basement Friday night and soak them Saturday night! :-)

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