Bone-salve to keep animals from eating your trees

burra_malucaMay 21, 2012

Finally, someone has persuaded Sepp Holzer to demonstrate how to make his traditional recipe for 'bone-sauce'. It's made by pyrolising bones and collecting the gooey mess that drips off them, and it's claimed that the smell will penetrate the tree and keep critters from damaging it for up to ten years.

I'm intending to try this very soon!

Link to the video below.

Here is a link that might be useful: Making bone-sauce

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Look up "Dippel's oil."

This nasty stuff also used to deter desperate drinkers from consuming denatured alchol.

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Have you ever used it? Does it work as well as people claim it does?

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bone oil was used in world war 1 to make soldiers gag and take off gas mask , worse to vomit inside the mask.

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