Apple Pollination ?

paloaltomarkMay 21, 2012

I have a number of apples on semi-dwarf root stock. Last year they set fruit well but squirrels carried off many of the fruits.

This year, I covered the trees in bird netting before the tree flowered or leafed out. I'm noticing that many fewer flowers set fruit this year. Is it possible that the bird netting prevented bees from pollinating or is this more likely just a seasonal difference? Thanks in advance.

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I made a cage from bird netting and the bumblebees got through and pollinated my blueberries well this year. My apple trees flowered well but I didn't see too many bees just bumbles working very hard to pollinate them. I think maybe it was a little cold for honey bees or other bees when my apple trees flowered. It has been a funky wheather year early warmth then cold again.

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