Blueberries flower but no fruit?! HELP!

littlecityfoodgarden(8)May 30, 2011

I grow 3 kinds of blueberries planted 4 years ago since day one I get flowers but once the flowers start falling off what should be the start of blueberries and their stems dry up turn brown and fall off too, they make lots of flowers lots of leaves and new growth but very few actual berries. Some of the flowers have nibble holes in them like an insect was snacking on the flowers. All the leaves look beautiful and healthy. I thought at first my garden was too dry(I do have an excessively sand dry garden for the west coast) but this spring has been so rainy there is no way they dried out, I test the soil every year and it is very acidic. I fed them with liquid kelp early in the spring. Anyone have any advice it would be much appreciated. Thank you :)

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Grow lots of flowers and try to encourage native bees to take up residence and reproduce. It helps if you have an "organic" lawn free of any pesticide, including weedkiller. Blueberry flowers are pollinated by bees, -in our yard, in Madison, Wisconsin, its mostly bumblebees.

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Thanks for posting, sorry I should have been more clear in my post, everything I do it totally organic, the small lawn I have is 50/50 clover(red clover is in bloom right now), I do grow flowers, and the high school accross the street from me has a bee keeping project on their roof so I am pretty sure I am getting polinated, the problem is more that the immature fruit and flowering stems are drying up and falling off....Maybe I'll get out and take some pictures of the blue berry patch this afternoon....cheers!

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Your soil type is not familiar to me. We have heavy clay soil here in Madison, with pH around 7.6, too high for blueberries. I heavily amend the soil with peat moss or compost made from tree leaves, and lower pH with agricultural sulfur. Our soil tends to hold moisture well, so I usually don't have to water the shrubs until August. For what its worth, some folks successfully grow blueberries in pure peat moss.

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