Peach tree

Mrainey1234May 9, 2014

Have new peach tree 1-2 years old. It arrived with a few blossoms. All the blossoms have gone and all the branches break when I bend them back.
At the bottom of the bark, green leaves are growing, however they are starting to curl. Should I cut the tree all the the way back to the bark where the new green leaves are growing.
Live in sc pease help. Not sure what this tree is doing

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I'm not sure if "bottom of the bark" and "back to the bark where the new green leaves are growing,"means near the ground?If it does and there is no top growth(leaves and new shoots)then probably the graft failed and the rootstock is still alive.
Try scraping a little bark off in different areas from the top part of the tree with your fingernail or knife and check for green.If it is,then that part is still alive.If brown,then it's dead at that level and keep going down the tree to the graft union.If there is no green above the graft,it's dead and about the only thing to do is cut it down and start over or graft another variety onto the rootstock as the rootstock probably won't produce good fruit. Brady

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