How to add tiers to a 3-tier Apple Espalier

dernce(9)May 6, 2014

I planted these 6-in-1 three tier apple espaliers just over a year ago and they're finally well rooted. There are two planted about 12 feet apart from one another.

Three tier trees was all I could get, but want them to have at least 6 levels - or at least get up to about 6 feet high.

How can I train them higher since the leader was cut before I got them? On one tree there is a vertical shoot from about 1 foot below the top tier. Should I encourage that to be a new leader? There are also several vertical branches close to the middle off of the top tier.

I would like it to produce fruit so wondering if selecting a branch off of the top tier will limit the growth to the top of the trees.

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I bought two also of the 6 in 1 espalier apple trees. My problem with mine were the bottom tier on both of them were too close the ground and the next tier so I removed the bottom one on both. I just allowed any growth nearest to the middle to grow and in one summer I had growth from both trees to go up another tier and then just bent the limbs growing out of the new limb at the right height. In the second year I all ready have growth for another tier.

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mes111(5b -Purling NY & 7b -Nassau County NY)


This summer I am sure that several vertical shoots will develop off each horizontal scaffold near the trunk .
You can just train one of those to be a new leader and next spring head it at the next desired level. New side shoots will come up next spring and you can tie two of them down to form the next level.

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