Polishing? dear Rickharmer....

rockyn(Austx8b)November 28, 2005


The idea of polishing these items is interesting. Are you polishing hypertufa or plain crete? What sort of finish is achieved?

And, most importantly, are there some lovely pictures?

Many Thanks!

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rickharmer(z4British Colum)

Morning!Nope,only concrete productions for me.I haven't tried HT and don't think it would work.
I use a Ryobi 3 headed arc sander(also available in Canada as Mastercraft arc sander at Canadian Tire).This rig has several grits available as well as buffing and polishing pads.I add layers,then sand them down until I like what I see.I'm going to use a urethane finish,as recommended by my Benny Moore dealer.This stuff looks awesome(think car paint!)and is used in food industry.Toxic as all get out,though so caution is advised.
I only use fine silica sand(found in pottery stores)because it sands easily and feels and looks great.
Sorry about pix.Sigh!My wife will be doing it(I'm a dunce about these things)but she's editing a couple of books,we have a craft show this weekend,and we have B&B guests coming shortly.Busy we are!!
Cheers from here

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