Golden Dorset Apple

instengMay 13, 2013

Will the Golden Dorset self pollinate? My tree this year was really late leafing out and blooming. All the other apples are already bloomed out. I was wondering if it would set any apples or will I have to wait until next year and hope it breaks dormancy when it should? The weather this year messed up most of the fruit trees down here.

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Yes, but the apples will be heart-shaped instead of the cube shape that pollinated DG's are.

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Thanks, I am not too worried about the shape. It will be the first year for fruit and I wanted to see how it will taste. I just planted a coulpe more apples this last weekend. So far I now have the Golden Dorset, Goldrush, Fuji, and Granny Smith. I still want to get a few more varities.

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