1/2 Dead Maple Tree (a little off topic)

oldryderMay 7, 2012

Got 2 trees that are roughly 5 years old. no unusual stress or damage I am aware of. Other maples doing fine.

suggestions anyone? should I cut off the branches with no leaves?



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ken_adrian Adrian MI cold Z5

always cut off dead stuff ... after you are sure they will not bud..

so give them a little more time..

and that stake and string is useless .... get rid of it .. trees are supposed to blow in the wind .... and if they have been there 5 years.. it doesnt need it.. which brings me toooo ...

have those really been there for 5 years??? because the death could be related to recent transplant shock .. improper ball and burlap, potting or planting ...

there is a tree forum.. if you wish ...


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ken; thx for reply. I'll check Tree forum. I Tried Maple forum but got no response. Trees might only be three years but are certainly not recent transplants.

I know stake needs to go, been waiting till I get the tractor out as it wouldn't come loose without a lot more effort than I wanted to spend given it'll pull out easily with the bucket.

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alan haigh

Water stress last year, probably. Mulched area much too small for establishing trees- maples can't compete with grass any better than grass can compete with an established maple.

You will need to train a new leader from most vigorous branch that can be bent straight or a new shoot. You can use the dead wood as a crutch until new leader hardens.

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