Brown Rot

Ms.TiaMariaMay 4, 2012

My baby apricot tree is infected (I think) with Brown Rot. The little green fruits have moldy spots on them, the branches have gaping cankers, and the bark has dust all over it. What do I do??? The information on the websites say to prune out infected branches they all have cankers! I would have to prune it all down to a stub. Also it is right next to my fig and cherry trees. Their branches touch each other. Will they become infected too?

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First, you need to be sure just what you have there. Photos would help.

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alan haigh

Gaping cankers doesn't sound like brown rot. Spots could be scab. Dust could only be borers, I think. We do need pictures.

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Thanks guys. Here is the link.

Here is a link that might be useful: Pics of my apricot

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alan haigh

That's not brown rot on cots- looks like freeze damage or some other problem that has tree abandoning fruit. What is your state and zone?

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