rickharmer(z4British Colum)November 26, 2005

Made two bowls that I felt were acceptable for resale.Thin walls(reinforced with mesh),they polished easily and look great.Produced them about 4 weeks ago.

Got a show next Saturday/Sunday.Got lots of product,including these bowls and a ball as well(thanks,Laura!).I was going to do a basic Japanese style fountain with an industrial twist(instead of bamboo,go copper instead).


A week to go and,cracks started to appear on the bowls!!This kills the sale idea(I'll fake it for the show and "demo" the bowls instead)and brings me to my point(and mistake):I was using 100%admix here,no water.I was NOT careful in curing because I'd used this mix before on thicker objects with no cracking at all.A very big mistake.

When it comes to curing,EVERYTHING of mine is going to be cured.With this very thin walled stuff(we're talking 1/4 inch,folks!)it needs a full on cure,no variation.

So,to paraphrase an old Xmas carole"Let it cure!Let it cure!Let it cure!"

Cheers from a frustrated here!!


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Rick, how will you be curing future thin walled bowls? What do you mean by not curing?

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rickharmer(z4British Colum)

Chris-I'll be popping them into a water bath.Then,a week in it,then transfer to my curing "tent"for misting for the next couple of weeks.With the mix,I had not been curing at all when doing other pieces.There seems to be no clear concensus on what to do when you use 100% admix!
Cheers from here

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shrubs_n_bulbs(z8/9 UK)

I think you would be far better off using some water in your recipe. Admix is an additive that speeds up curing, provides additional strength to the finished product, helps to retain water within concrete during curing, and usually provides additional waterproofing to the finished concrete. What it doesn't do is provide the water that is needed for curing. 100% admixes aren't really used in industry but I don't see soaking afterwards as being a substitute for having some water available in the initial mix. Of course there are as many admixes as hypertufa recipes, some may work better than others without any water.

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rickharmer(z4British Colum)

I'm going to try a 50/50 mix,water and admix,in one experiment.I emphasize though,that the cracked products have had no curing other than in the air.This won't happen again!With masks,I do use about 25% admix,and have had no cracking with them(cured properly!).I'll report back on the experiment in about 45 days.Don't have time for a week or so to do bowls,and there's no pressure as the last show of the year is next weekend!
I'll get it right!
Cheers from here

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Thanks for the info Rick.

Good luck at the show!

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