Help!--the grape vine that never bears any fruit.

sara_in_phillyMay 26, 2012

I have posted this question before. Now I have more info, so I am posting again to see if all your experts can help me figure out what is going on.

I have a grapevine that has been in the ground for 4-5(don't remember exactly when) years now, it has never bear any fruits, while a concord grape vine, 20 ft away and a couple of years older, has been bearing fruit for 5 yrs now.

Both grape vines were bought from big box store, and they are fertilized and prunned exactly the same way.

The non bearing vine was labled as fredonia.

This years I have been watching both vines more closely, here is what I find out:

Both vines put out a lot of clusters of flowers at almost about the same time, and the clusters grew bigger and bigger. Up until a couple of days ago, they still look pretty similar, but now, you see the difference

here is the fruit-bearing concord cluster

here is the non fruit-bearing fredonia, the cluster(flower) is dying. some clusters have completely die out.

This is my previous post that has more info. these is also a picture of the leaves of the non bearing vine there in case you need to identify the vine.

PLease Help!

Here is a link that might be useful: grape vine that won't bear fruits

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Scott F Smith(6B/7A MD)

I don't know whats happening there. Those grapes do look like females and not some wild grape. Different varieties do take different numbers of years to come into fruiting, but this far apart seems like a stretch. There is a small chance there could be a nutrient deficiency of e.g. Boron. I would throw on some micronutrient fertilizer like Plant Tone to coverer that case. Also make sure not to over fertilize, some varieties respond to that with nothing but growth. I don't think you have a disease there, the plants look healthy. One other possibility is the variety is some official grape variety but not Fredonia, and it is one that needs pollination. Very few grape varieties need pollination and your Concord should be giving it, so this is a remote possibility.

I would give it a few cups Plant tone or similar for the next few years and otherwise not fertilize. If it doesn't fruit in two more years, pull it out. Let us know what fertilizer and how much you have been giving it, to see if it sounds like too much.


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Thank you Scott! I will give plant tone a try. Where do you get plant tone? Big box store? Nursery?

At this point I am willing to try just about anything because the alternative is to pull it out.

Are there some grape experts out there somewhere I can look for? At university?

I will let you know what happen. Once again thank you very much for your help!


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Scott F Smith(6B/7A MD)

Sara, here the local independent nurseries carry it but not the big box stores. If they don't have that ask for a fertilizer with micronutrients in it.

Its hard to find an expert that will answer questions and the extension agents in your area will not know. There are various winemaking forums, and some folks there know their grape growing very well. I used to read


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