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newtoremodeling(6b)May 9, 2013

This is the third summer for our Rio Oso Gem peach tree and it's the first time I notice any potential fruit forming. However, I think the leaves have peach leaf curl. After taking this picture, I removed the worst-looking leaves.

My two questions are:
Will it harm the fruit?
How to prevent it? I prefer organic methods.

Thanks for any help!

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Yep, that's Pleach Leaf Curl. Can't do anything about it this year; trees are infected when dormant.

For next year, tree needs to be sprayed when dormant, using either a copper based spray or something like Daconil. The rule of thumb is three dormant sprays; Thanksgiving, New Years and Valentines Day. (Those are completely rough dates, but kind of gives you an idea.)

The most important spray is the last one, just before buds start to swell.

PLC won't harm the fruit, but a young tree will suffer some loss of vigor, so really thin your fruit.

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