Cytosporum Canker

mrsg47(7)May 17, 2013

Oh ugh. Just found this 'gummosis' on my Italian plum. I wasn't sure until now. The branches, except for these three weeping areas are fine and even produced blossoms and setting fruit this year; I hate to saw them off, but I might as well do it now before it spreads. It is only on two branches but on one branch it is in two separate places. The branches are each 1 1/2" to 2" thick. This is fairly upsetting, but I might as well saw them off now? I've tried everything since I first noticed it last October when it first appeared. I'll wait to hear from you all before I pull out Felco saw! Thanks, Mrs. G :-(((((

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How do you know that's the problem?

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I searched pictures on the internet. They match very, very well. I also took an 'exacto' knife last fall and cut out a square around the oozing section. I pulled back the bark and found a lump under the cambium. I cut that out as well, back to clean cambium. I sprayed with copper and fungicide The wound healed (turned brown) over the winter and started oozing again this past March (there are three wounds). What does it sound like to you? Thanks, Mrs. G

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I don't know. Oozing can be caused by so many different things.

I have cytospora canker on my spruce trees, and it's the kind of thing that you can slow but never stop.

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I'll give it one more day and post pics tomorrow. I've had the tree for six years and this will be the first year it has a 'real' crop. Its killing me. Mrs. G

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