what is the understock of my pear with one inch thorns?

ken_adrian Adrian MI cold Z5May 4, 2013

above.. it supposed to be a bradford pear ... who knows where grandpa .. GRHSoul.. mail ordered it from.... for sure not a premier fruit supplier ...

almost put a thorn thru my hand.. who knew...




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Tony(Zone 5. Omaha, Nebraska)


I had some young Cleveland flowering pear seedlings with thorns.


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I believe pear rootstock is either quince (dont know if they have spines), or bartlett seedling. Im pretty sure many pear seedlings have spines. My 3 year bosc seedling does not have any hint of spines yet.

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Quince have spines.

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I have a summercrisp pear that had some rootstock shoots that came up with nasty thorns like you describe. Be thankful most pears don't have those. Northwoodswis

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