Raspberries: Soil Recommendations in-ground and in-containers

losfelizdirtMay 8, 2013

I am a raspberry addict that recently moved to a place in Los Angeles that has a few huge trees obscuring the sun to my backyard, which is ten feet below the main house and is blocked by a six feet fence all around. So basically, there's not a lot of sun in my backyard. Check out video here if you want: https://vimeo.com/60921556#t=191

The soil is terrible. Impacted clay.

I have a south-facing walkway that seems to get more sun that im thinking of building a narrow planter box to put raspberries in.

My question is: What is the current state of thinking in amending the soil for perfect raspberry-ness? (im hearing a lot of amending-is-bad all of a sudden). And fertilizer?

And what is the current state of thinking for the perfect raspberry container mix?




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Who cares if you can amend the soil, you dont have any sun... Are you going to buy some grow lights to hang over your patch?

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To answer your question you can till in a lot of sand to loosen the soil but adding organic matter will help the most. In a container I would use 50 % good black dirt/topsoil mixed with 30% peat and 20% compost (or 15% vermiculite/perilite and 5% aged manure). You can build a raised bed using standard pine 2 x 12's that will last for many years, or use cedar and it will last a few decades.

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I have raspberries growing in 18 gal containers just east of a 6 ft. fence. They get sun until about 2-3 o'clock, depending on the season, and of course more as they get taller. They seem to do fine. Like you, I have shade issues from a gigantic rebuild to the south (and my own house to the east) so I have to be choosy about what will get the most sun and when during the day it gets it. It's also generally cool here, just a couple of blocks from the back bay.

I grow the plants in containers because I have almost the exact opposite soil problem: dune sand. If I did manage to get the raspberries going in the ground they'd soon be everywhere, so elevated containers were my solution. They share a netted enclosure with my containerized blueberries.

For the soil mixture I use more or less a poor-mans 5-1-1- mixture made with small pathway bark, peat moss and pearlite and a little dolomite. This mixture drains pretty well but does require constant added nutrition because there's not much in it. I originally start with a little Osmocote mixed in but it doesn't last forever.

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