Moss/lichen on sealed or unsealed projects?

Fleur(z5)November 22, 2005

I have a concrete leaf on which I'd like to grow moss or lichen. I haven't sealed it yet and wonder if the culture will take hold on a sealed item. I'd like to leave it out all winter but don't know if doing so with it unsealed would be safe. It has been cured. Also, is there any benefit in throwing in some baking yeast to encourage moss growth? Thanks for your thoughts.

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Moss Smoothies...lots of recipes...

Mix in a blender, paint on.

Stale beer, yogurt & some peat moss (lichens, if you have some)...

Yogurt, bakers yeast & peat moss...

Any thin mix of dough that's left over (thin with stale beer to a latex paint consistency)...

Anyone else have some thoughts...mixture ideas???

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Thanks tango88. Can one put this on a sealed project? Or must it be unsealed? Any idea how long it takes to look "aged"?

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Plastic pots grow green slime if they're in a damp enough area, so I don't see why sealed leaves shouldn't.

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shrubs_n_bulbs(z8/9 UK)

Mosses will need to be moist for a large fraction of the time. In Ireland and even in northwest England, this can be achieved on almost any surface in the shade. In Idaho you will need a fairly porous surface to maintain the moisture and I think you will have trouble doing it on a sealed surface. Check out the moss forum, they have techniques for growing mosses on almost anything.

Lichens are different, they can grow in much drier conditions. They usually colonise rough dry surfaces like rocks. Rough so they can get a grip and dry so that nothing else can grow there. The downside is that they grow very very slowly.

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