Growing brambles near neighbors yard and deck question

trovesoftrilliums(5)May 5, 2013

I am considering growing my blackberries on the east side of my shed which is about 12 feet from my neighbors yard. We do not have a fence separating a yards. This yards slope down and meet at a sewer drain. My shed is raised on a gravel bed. I would make a 6 inch raised edging around the side of the shed for the blackberries. I currently have Darrow (getting to be a beast in its 3rd year) and Black Satin (easier to manage) in the middle if a cutting garden and I want them placed somewhere easier to control. I am considering getting rid of Darrow and keeping only black satin.
Do you think this is too close to a neighbors yard to grow blackberries? They keep a very tidy lawn and I do not want to cause any neighborly problems. They use Scott's lawn care diligently on their lawn.

Also, I have a mammoth raspberry growing on the northwest corner of my slightly raised screened deck. This is also its 3rd year. I have a 6 ft obelisk for it to grow up. I see has a few runners peeking out on the north side of the deck. This has me wondering if I can actually grow a low row of rasp berries along the edge if my raise deck. Is this just asking for trouble??? I placed the raspberry plant on the deck corner because I found that my original spot was far too wet in the spring. The deck was just a temporary holding spot until I could figure out a better drainage situation.

We are addressing the drainage this year but I am having a hard time fitting in all the fruits that I would like to have.

I wonder it the thornless blackberry along the deck might be a better choice. But overall, I don't want to end up with berries overtaking our deck and causing problems later.

Any thoughts?

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you covered a bit of ground with your questions...firstly, you should be fine with proximity to your neighbors lawn. Nice of you to consider them. Berries can definately get agressive and "overtake" things. Google varieties, and pick a "less" agressive one suitable for your area.

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Your neighbor can simply mow down the volunteer brambles that come up in his lawn, and that will control the problem. I can't say if that will cause some sort of of aggravation for him, or not. It would not bother me, to find volunteer raspberry or blackberry in the lawn.

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milehighgirl(CO USDA 5B/Sunset 2B)

I am curious about this same topic. If I wanted to prevent suckers from popping up on my neigbor's property how far down would I have to put some kind of metal retainer in the ground? In other words, how deep do bramble roots go?

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I have read some posts describing sinking in 20 inch roof flashing for a vertical barrier. I might try this next to our shed. And now I am thinking if only growing raspberries which I prefer. I spent some time today looking at my blackberries and they are popping up all over the place. I might try large tubs. I am also resolving to relocate the raspberries from my deck. Too much potential for them getting out if control!

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