Greenman/women would like some pics

paws4petsDecember 7, 2005

I have seen several pics in past posts both using various masks, Halloween and also commercial molds. I am thinking of making some for next year but would like to see pics and what you used and where you got it from. Looking for something that is easy to make over and over easily.

rickharmer- I believe you bought some Mold/Molds for yours.



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rickharmer(z4British Colum)

Yup!Bought molds on E-Bay,turned out a number of greenmen and others.But,as I said in another post,be careful of the molds you order!
Many of the molds available are what I think of as flimsy.I've cracked my greenman after about 30 pours.It now looks like it has a runny nose!But,the mold I got from an Ontario(CDA)Moldmaker can take the abuse.Its MUCH heavier in its thickness and it has enough flex to drop the piece out without any real difficulty.They don't have a greenman that I've noted(may have changed)but I've noticed that many people who look at my pieces actually are collectors of the greenman in its varied forms.
I'll check my other info and post the websites on this thread!
cheers from a very late here!

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rickharmer(z4British Colum)

Ok,after a nights sleep...
The two sites that we did order from are and latter also has videos on making molds,quite amateurish but still informative.His molds are SOLID!!!And,he's located in Simcoe,Ontario.
Cheers from here

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Thanks rick. I have ordered from gostatue many times. Will check out Allmolds. Do you have some pics of the finished product. You can email them through Garden Web if you want.

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Here's a green girl I made a couple of years ago, I used a mask for a girl, and leaves around her to give her the green look. had a bit of fun painting her, she ended up looking like a flower child ,I thought.


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emtnest(z8/Northern CA)

Cindy your greengirl is lovely!!!!

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shrubs_n_bulbs(z8/9 UK)

Greenwoman here is often decorated by hawthorn, which should be fairly easy to reproduce, but the variations are endless. I've seen a hentai greenwoman and "flower girl" seems an appropriate modern interpretation :)

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klinger-really like the leaf surround. Greenmen/women have looked intriguing lately don't know why.

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I used a plastic mask from the party store for a couple of mine, and added leaves later. Cindy, your green girl is very nice :-)

Here is a link that might be useful: faces

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