Strange freeze damage to pears

ltiltonMay 22, 2012

This seems to be the pear equivalent of frost rings on the apples. Instead of rings, the pears developed cracks from the stem end. Later, the red skin peeled off starting with the cracks, leaving a brown corky surface.

The pears are alive and growing. When I cut one open, it looks fine on the inside. Question is - will they be edible with that skin?

Has anyone seen this kind of damage? It's new to me.

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Actually, I've seen that before on my Bartlett -- in the end, those damaged spots become sort of hard, brown cork calloused areas. Most of the pear will be fine, but not too pleasant to bite into, so just cut them out when you eat it. If the entire skin becomes calloused and russetted, you may need to peel before eating.

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That's sure how it seems to be developing.

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