Chill Reqs: American Persimmons, Huckleberry,beseyi cherries

cyh527May 8, 2014

Anyone know the chilling requirements for these northeast natives? I am not sure if these will work in zone 10! Any advice is appreciated.

Thank you!

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Am persimmon does not need chilling, it breaks dormancy based on heat units. As far as I know it is even naturalized in Southern California (according to USDA plants database)

P. besseyi, which is NOT native to the NE US, but rather the Northern Great Plains probably has a substantial chilling requirement. It is a very useful plant for my area, being compact, tough, easy to grow, and very prolific of fruit for processing (not worthy of eating of hand). However, I am not sure why you would choose it in your zone with so many other possibilities to consider.

As far as Huckleberry is concerned, I think it would depend on the species, of which there are many. Perhaps one of the West Coast natives (maybe evergreen huckleberry) would work in your zone. They are available from nurseries such as One Green World and Burnt Ridge.

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@fabaceae_native Thanks so much for the super knowledgeable post! I am considering besseyi in a pot because it seems to bloom a lot and I thought it would look nice in my garden. Do you not suggest it for zone 10 since it probably won't work for zone 10?

How about Indian Currants, Gooseberries, Cranberries or "Wild roadside yellow plums"?

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I have a evergreen huckleberry (thundering bird?) and it fruits in 9b. Very tiny berries but I do like the taste...

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