Help with muscadine not producing cordons

kellstaMay 3, 2013

Planted a mucsadine vine (granny val) in the fall. Not sure how old it is, but itâÂÂs about the diameter of a pencil.

The vine had been container grown and had a lot of growth on it. I pruned all the side growth and left one trunk about 4ft long. It was a little over 5ft but I cut it down to 4.

ItâÂÂs in a grow tube and the top of vine is attached to the wire of my single wire trellis with a piece of string. I can look down the tube and see growth at the bottom but the top will not produce any cordons.

Is the growth at the bottom taking away all the nutrients from the top? Am I being impatient?

Should I have cut the main trunk all the way down to the ground? I wouldnâÂÂt think that would be necessary as that would be like starting from scratch?

How do I get it to produce the two cordons so I can run it down the trellis?

Thanks for any help

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fruitnut Z7 4500ft SW TX

With most grapes it's better to cut back hard at planting and train the strongest shoot up to the trellis. That's what you should do here. The plant isn't set back any by doing that. Grapes grow so fast that 4ft is nothing. All that matters the first year is growing roots. Let it grow where it wants to grow strongest.

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Thanks fruitnut. Should I go ahead and cut it back down to the ground or just down to where the new growth is at?

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