Crazy Plum pollination Questions.

daemon2525(5)May 3, 2013

My story starts with wanting a single Plum to add to my orchard. So I get Santa Rosa. Learning that you may get better results with another pollinator I get a Superior.

Then I asked myself what if they don't bloom at the same time?

So now I start thinking if folks are making hybrids of Plums/Peaches/Apricots/etc then why would those not be pollinators for a plum?

What about the wifes purpleleaf sandcherry in the flower garden? It sure looks like a plum flower.

What crazy things could you imagine?

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fruitnut Z7 4500ft SW TX

Plums, peaches, and apricots are not good pollinators for each other. True they have been crossed but it's not as simple as planting them next to each other or even pollinating by hand. Those crosses between species require special techniques.

You'll do better getting another plum to pollinate your Santa Rosa.

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alan haigh

Methely or Shiro, I suggest. Your Santa Rosa may be short lived there- It is a relatively weak tree in my z6. Both Methely and Shiro have never shown any cambium problems from excessive cold here. Just a bicycle ride down south of me SR does fine. I'm on the cusp.

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