Another blackberry question

colonel_kernelMay 27, 2014

Me and my family moved into this house a couple of years ago and this year I'm finally getting around to planting fruit trees for my backyard orchard. I've also planted some blackberries. They were planted in March and April and are now shooting up new canes. I've cut off the two year "handles" now so the plants can focus on new growth.

I guess my question is: the new shoots that are growing out of the ground now will produce fruit next year (2015) correct? Or do they continue growing and will produce in the year following (2016)?

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This years new canes will fruit in 2015.

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Thanks for the quick reply! That's what I had figured, but wasn't exactly clear.

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megan_anne(TX U.S. z8a)

Yes. New shoots that are beginning to grow right now will fruit next spring/summer.

Blackberries have a perennial root, with a biennial cane. That is, it takes 2 seasons to make fruit. The new canes that are growing now are called primocanes. Think, 'primary', first stage. When they begin to flower out next spring, these primocanes will 'graduate' to the next stage, called a 'floricane'. 'Flori-' means 'flowering', of course. Raspberries also have primocanes and floricanes.

Now, before anyone goes all technical... this is pertaining to 'traditional' blackberries, not the so-called 'primocane-bearing' hybrids known as 'Prime-Jim' and 'Prime-Jan', which produce fruit on both kinds of canes. Yes, they do exist... but I don't know of many people that are growing those types-- yet.

Once this year's floricanes are done fruiting, you can/should trim them back, as you have done. The spent canes can be used to smoke meat, BTW. It gives a gentle fruity, nice wood smoke flavor to beef. Otherwise, if there is any chance that there might be a pathogen... burn them (which you are doing in the grill/smoker!)

Enjoy your berries! :)

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