bird feeder to keep birds, off cherries.

marcantonioMay 11, 2014

every year i get beautiful, cherries but hardly eat any because the birds pretty much wipe the tree out. they come especially when theyre ripe. i placed i fake owl in the tree but had no luck. i remember the first year i had plenty of cherries. my old neighbor had bird feeders say maybe 100 ft from my tree that year. i was thinking about putting a bird feeder on the opposite end of the yard say 75 ft away. anyone think it will help.?

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fruitnut Z7 4500ft SW TX

No first hand experience but I'd vote no. They'll eat the bird food and then dessert, your cherries.

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It'll just attract more birds.

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Maybe the tree just needs to get bigger ? I remember tons of birds and tons of cherries my growing up years at grandmas. Her trees were large, but we could use ladders and I climbed waaay up. We had plenty to make pies and put up for winter.

My tree now is so old and huge, the only way I get any cherries are when the birds are kind enough to drop a few for me to pick up. I try to remember to always say thank you.

As it stands, you have nothing to loose by experimenting with adding feeders. Currently I'm mostly winning in getting the squirrels to leave my finch feeders alone by feeding them separately each morning. They have me well trained. ;)

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