peach problem

stakeMay 10, 2013

Can anyone let me know what this is? TIA!!! the leaves are getting red bloches

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a second pic

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It is nasty peach leaf curl. Ugh. Spray with Copper before thanksgiving, then Valentines day and lastly Easter. Did I get that right? Not much you can do this season. I removed the leaves by hand when my peaches had it last summer. After proper spraying it has not returned this year. Mrs. G

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I have just discovered that Peach Leaf Curl will kill off the terminals. Accounts for the lack of vigour and growth of my Peach this spring.
I didn't take as much notice last year as I should have done, now about 75% of my terminals are dead and crisp.
I assume that Nectarines suffer with the same problem, as I see similar results, but not as serious in my Nectarine?

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franktank232(z5 WI)

Peach leaf curl..

its too late...just fertilize with high N fertilizer and let it grow new leaves...try to get rid of the infected can let them fall or pull them off...i usually let them fall. Lime sulfur in the early spring or copper...copper builds up in the soil though over time.

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I spray with immunix and montery. Do these two fungi help against the leave curl or it has to br copper

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I use Bonide's Fung-onil after most leaves drop in Fall,then again about Superbowl time and once more before bloom.
My Nectarine has a little curl on a couple of branches.
I've read reports that Bonide's Copper is not strong enough for PLC though. Brady

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For PLC, I use copper hydroxide. The brand name I use is Kocide 3000. You probably needs to mail order it on line.

I spray in late fall when most leaves drop (sometimes, I pick the rest off, too). I only spray twice, in late fall and in spring before bud break.

Once I've learned to treat it, my peach trees have been clean since. There are other alternatives but I stay with what works for me.

I am not too concerned about copper building up in soil. You have to use a lot of it and it takes many years. I have only a few trees.

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