graft on to rootstocks for dead cherry trees?

oldryderMay 7, 2012

planted about 50 Van Cherry trees 2 years ago. got about 5 trees where the tree died but I have robust growth from the rootstock. Any reason why I couldn't graft a branch from a healthy desirable tree on to the growth from the rootstock.

Note I'd be a rookie grafter and advice would be welcome.

Could I do the graft anytime? Trees are either blooming or just past bloom right now.

thx in advance for suggestions or advice.

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franktank232(z5 WI)

I'd chip bud them in July...

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thx. will give that a try.

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how big is the growth caliper wise? If you have nice branching, I would select the ones you want now and start training them, and then graft onto them next year if they're reasonably sized. Chip bud is ok, but you could whip and tongue a nice sized branch to them and be way ahead of the game next year. I had this years grafts flower and fruit on a few.


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miketrees(WA Australia)

I would do the chip bud, then any failures still have the top on to be grafted in late winter/spring.

They graft quite easily, I find using grafting grease over the tape and on the cut end of the scion works a bit better.

I also found some stone fruit varieties that were susceptible to bacterial disease benefited from spraying the scion and the rootstock with copper oxy chloride before grafting.
Especially apricots

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