blueberry nhb vs shb vs rabbiteye

persianmd2orchardMay 24, 2013

Hi guys, I've never seen a breakdown of the general fruit differences of these which may be relevant for some of us in the border climatically... zone 7a DC area can grow all 3 types just fine. I admit I am biased towards sweet-tart blueberries, instead of straight through sweet like O'Neal which annoyed me a bit.

My take based on limited experience and some reading:

Honestly--northern high bush is the best I've had. Am I naive to say that's where blueberries come from in the first place so those may have the best quality and not be sacrificing anything for climatic adaptability?

Regular ol' bluecrop is great--hasgreat sweet-tart balance.

Rabbiteye--slightly thicker skin, slightly seedier. Great soil adaptability for fruit quality sacrifice.

Southern highbush--seems to be more towards sweet flavor instead of sweet-tart balance.

Again, I actually have very little tasting experience so far. Please correct me--What do you guys think?

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fruitnut Z7 4500ft SW TX

My thinking is the SHB have caught or surpassed NHB on yield and quality. But that may not be true given your taste preference. I haven't eaten nearly as much NHB as SHB and very little RE.

I think there has been more breeding effort on SHB than the other two. That would be the basis for my first statement.

I think it's pretty likely NHB and SHB have better fruit, in general, than RE.

The other factor is that they are being interbred enough that there are all shades of gray.

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Well hopefully I'll have more tastings to compare with soon and will report back comparing the general types. I have no doubt that an outlier SHB like Sweetcrisp can be outstanding--so I definitely got one of those going :).

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