ornamental peach tree

meljmcd(7)May 7, 2010

can you eat the fruit on an ornamental peach tree? Ours has lots of fruit. How tall will it get? We planted last year and it's about 4 ft tall. Grew about a foot since last year. It has dark reddish/purple foliage and pretty pink blossoms

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olpea(zone 6 KS)

As far as I know, an ornamental peach tree produces blossoms but no fruit.

What you probably have is simply a peach Red Leaf rootstock marketed as an ornamental peach tree.

I once gave a relative a peach tree that died to the roots after he planted it. It re-sprouted as a Red Leaf. The fruit is very small. I've never tasted any because his squirrels get all of it every year.

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olpea- dont think u r right- i have a patio peach tree and it produces small inedible peaches

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I'm not familiar with a red foliaged ornamental peach that the OP has, but my double flowering peach trees, which are pretty common, produce white fleshed peaches very late in the season, and can have quite large crops. Although the fruit can have a slight bitterness to it when not fully ripe, due to almond genetics, and they are somewhat small, they are actually pretty decent. I generally tend to not bother harvesting them because by that point in the season (late September) I'm generally sick of peaches anyway and have put up all I need.

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olpea(zone 6 KS)


You're right. It looks like Bonfire is listed as an ornamental and yet produces peaches. I'm sure there are others.

I still suspect the OP's tree is a Red Leaf rootstock. They have pretty red foliage as described. Very ornamental.

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