Any idea what these fruits a failing? Pics attached

fireweed22May 10, 2014

I've got 60-70 fruit trees, oldest only 8-9 years of age. Every year I plant a few, often to replace winter vole damage, which stopped completely with plastic tree tubes.

I will try to attach pics. One per page it seems. But basically the apples/plums/cherries and pears are in full bloom or have been in the last week.
Yet, about 10 trees of mixed species are barely budding out- some not at all and some, super slow or deformed, some budding but if you touch the buds they fall off with brown showing below bud (toast).

I use NO round up, but some of the damage reminds me of round up damage, especially one plum.

I'm 99% sure this isn't frost damage. The almonds survived blooming. So why would the apples die?

Anyways any info appreciated. Kind of heart breaking!

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This is a Japanese plum, with both regular growth, but also lots of deformed, whitish leaves. Looks to me like round-up damage but it isn't.

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Here's a multi variety grafted plum, two years in the ground.Buds started swelling then stopped. I scratched the bark, it's 'just' starting to yellow a bit two weeks ago it was a nice green.

The shoot coming out lower in the branch is quite whitish and irregular. I think the tree is a write off.

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Very young Melrose apple, started budding, then stopped growth. I think the pic shows how if bent back there is brown within the bud.

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Pear, I think it was called Spartlett.
Leaves are coming out real skinny/spindly. I think there is some rust mite damage going on here, I did spray dormant oil before any growth started, not that it helps much.
Also kind of reminds me of round up damage (on blackberries and roses), but these are on my own property and over all organic.

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Last one, my Mutsu apple. This is one of my longest lived apples at 8-9 years, and the leaves are coming out way too slow, there's buds breaking but looks like they aren't enlarging. Leaves are a tad curly.

So I sprayed all these with lime sulpher / dormant oil before buds even cracked, as per directions.

I can't figure out what else it could be. Thanks.

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fruitnut Z7 4500ft SW TX

Where do you live and what's the pH of your soil? How cold did it get last winter?

The first picture and the pear look like some nectarines I saw recently that are apparently in very low pH potting mix.

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Pacific Northwest, in the mountains. We had some cold snaps without much snow cover, usually lots of snow with the same cold. I did figure it wasn't likely the cold mainly because at least the apples can survive much colder. And my almonds did amazing (against a wall).

Naturally the soil is acidic(blueberry country) but I'm diligent about liming annually. I usually put a handful of dolopril in fall, then a couple more in spring. Never tested the ground but I noticed better pollination rates when I started liming.

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Is it not possible to correct spelling in subject....

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fruitnut Z7 4500ft SW TX

Have a soil test done. Lots of samples to proper depth, composite, and mix well. You may not be applying enough limestone and you are in the country where pH could be an issue for fruit trees.

We used to apply limestone to things like alfalfa on the farm. Application rates are something like 20 lbs per 100 sq ft. Not every year but every few yrs.

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Interesting, I will check the ph. I sense it is something else mainly due to the fact everyone around here has established fruit trees and they grow in hedgerows wild, and I'm likely the only one out there liming.

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jean001a(Portland OR 7b)

The several you suggest look like Roundup damage, really do. Could have blown in from off-property somewhere.
Or from a psryer which hav=d previously been used for herbicide.

Are you certain you don't have a friendly garden helper/neighbor/friend who has been "helping?"

As for the buds with brown interiors.
- likely to be cold damage. Even though the trees may be sufficiently hardy doesn't mean the buds will always survive intact.

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I noticed a few of my buds on my apple tree were brown and a little funky looking on my other wise healthy and full of buds trees. I'm not sure if it is connected but I am finding very tiny caterpillars on some of the buds which I'm going to spray today.

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I'm sure it's not roundup. Neighbors just have scrub and pasture and don't spray, and the orchard is hundreds of feet away from property lines.

The sprayer has only been used for lime sulphur and mineral oil, ever.

I wonder if the spray was off, it was purchased new, but I've read it can go bad and kill plants.

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