Black ice/Lydecker Plum questions

Mr.Pickle(4)May 29, 2013

I have two black ice plums which are supposed to be northern hardy up to 3b. I am in 4a and we experienced a tough winter. Most of my zone 4 trees made it however the black ice seem to be very slow to wake up.

My question is: Do these break dormancy late in the spring? One seems to be coming to life with a few leaves however the other is showing nothing at all. I would suspect they should be full of leaves by now as the Superior plum tree is already full of flowers and I was hoping to use that as my pollinator.

Any help out there on this? Are they not as hardy as one expects? Any and all information or experience would be great.


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How did your plum trees do as the spring and summer progressed? My husband, Brian, is the developer of Blackice, and would be interested to know how your trees fared.

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