Elizabeth Blueberry

Bruinx97(10 (Los Angeles, CA))May 24, 2012


Bit of a Noob here...I bought my first Blueberry bush this season and have a few questions. I currently have it in a pot, until I can find a spot for it (and condition the soil).

I bought an Elizabeth Blueberry bush and it has grown a bit. However:

1) The leaves are a bit red. I noticed that they get 'greener' sometimes. What could be causing this?

I'm thinking it could be a temp issue, since it's currently in a pot and the weather has been very hot one day and cold the next.

2) I only bought 1 bush. Do I need to buy another bush to pollinate? If so, do I get another Elizabeth or will I need a different variety?

3) If I need a different variety, what is a good choice for Zone 10 and what is compatible with the Elizabeth?

I believe I need to get a variety that blooms around the same time (late season?) and with low chill hours.

4) What other factors need to be taken into account when selecting a pollinating companion?

Thanks in advance,


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I looked up Elizabeth Blueberry and its rated for zones 4-8. Your in zone 10??? If so, chances are your plant will not recieve enough chill hours to fruit in your location. The good news is there are several varieties that are rated for zone 10. I know Biloxi, Misty, Sharpblue and Sunshine Blue are rated through zone 11 so you will have much better success with these varieties. Gulfcoast is also rated for zone 10.

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Bruinx97(10 (Los Angeles, CA))

Thanks Blueboy,

I bought it from Gurney's:


and it is rated for Zones 4-9, which is why I got it. I hope it isn't a typo...I have their caroline raspberries (rated 4-9) and they are doing great, but that may be a different beast. I think I've seen Misty and sharpblue at local nurseries and HD.

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If I were you I would get both Misty and Sharpblue. Between the 3 you shouldnt have a pollination problem. Most Southern High Bush bloom close enought to each other for pollination. If you can find Sunshine Blue I highly recommend that variety. Very easy to grow, short and compact with tasty fruit. Cool temps will cause some redding in the leafs. I get the same thing here durning spring. Green one day and reddish the next.

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