fruiting/Flowering Pomogranate

bunti(7)May 14, 2012

Today I have got pomegranate plant from one of the local nurseries. How do we know its a fruiting pomegranate or flowering one. I have seen Yellow flower Pomegranate too.

In the nursery they have mentioned that its going to fruit after 4 year? why does it take so long to fruit. It very well established plant.

My main concern is how do we know its fruiting or flowering plant.

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You can't tell untill it fruits or not. The plants look exactly alike.
You might want to ask the nursary that you got this plant from on how large the size of pomogranate will be.

Keep in mind that both fruiting and decorative pomogranates ( I use decortaive not flower pomogranate) can bear fruits. Only that the decorative type bears fruit about size of a marble to a golf ball. To have small unusally shaped fruits hang on the tree is very decorative and cute. There also pomagranate put out tons of flowers but occasionally bare fruit. These both are call flowering pomagranates, more presicely, decorative pomogranate. Its purpose is to please eyes not to the mouth.

The fruit type bear fruit the size of softball or larger. Its main purpose of growing it is to harvest the fruits for consumption. These tree are large shrub/tree type.

Since you mentioned that it will fruit in 4 years. So all you need to do is to find out the size of the fruit to determine which type of pomogranate you bought.

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I've seen quite a few pomegranate plants at many different nurseries and other stores, and 90% of the time they are the variety 'Wonderful', which is the leading commercial fresh eating and juicing variety. I'd say there's an excellent chance that's what you have.

A five-gallon pomegranate could certainly fruit next summer, although the first pomegranates are likely to be smaller and less flavorful than those in subsequent years. Don't be surprised or disappointed by low fruit set... many pomegranate flowers don't necessarily become fruit, even on a fruiting variety.

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Here is the photo of the plants. They are more than 5' tall.

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hoosierquilt USDA 10A Sunset 23 Vista CA

Bunti, I see tags on your poms. Please let us know what variety you have. That will quickly tell us if you have a producing cultivar. If the tag doesn't tell you the cultivar name, call the nursery and ask them what you bought. They should be able to tell you for sure if this is an ornamental variety or a producing variety.

Patty S.

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Here is a Russian variety of pomegranate now a little over 2 years old. I hand pollinated it this year to help insure fruit. So far I have 14 pomegranates on it (quite a bit bigger since this picture from several days ago).

Here is a link that might be useful: Pomogranates in my yard

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